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Living Stones
by Coline Brun-Naujalis

Coline Brun-Naujalis is a Parisian born, London based artist. Since studying at Central St Martins, Brun-Naujalis has developed a unique style of combining illustration with photography. Her work can be seen at Her photographic series Living Stones documents some of the smallest naturally occurring gardens in Namibia. Lithops, commonly known as “flowering stones” or “living stones” are mimicry plants – with their shape, size and colour resembling small stones from their natural surroundings. Whilst over a thousand individual populations have been documented, Lithops have not naturalised outside the African region.

"I encountered these miniature plants by accident. They’re really easy to miss – but once you’ve seen them you keep finding more and more. They remind me of seaweed or little brains carefully placed on the floor. There’s definitely an otherworldly quality to them. If life existed on another planet then these could easily be alien brains sent from afar!”

Text Coline Brun-Naujalis/The Garden Edit
Photography Coline Brun-Naujalis