• Dana

    Inspired by

  • Dana Bechert is a designer living in Baltimore, Maryland. She works in a variety of disciplines to create elegant and playful objects of utility.

    “At a glance, the area of Baltimore that houses my garden is composed of overgrown lots and boarded up brick row homes, roofless and deteriorating. Hidden amongst this abandonment lies an unlikely sanctuary that takes the form of a wild and evolving garden.

    My way in the garden is similar to that of my ceramics practice. Things here are unpredictable and fragile with most of the results stemming from forces outside myself. The landscape is laid out in a vibrant all over pattern; everything is planted everywhere. A balance is created through chaos and variation. Wildflower seeds are broadcasted in late winter so that anytime an unknown plant sprouts up between vegetables, the pollinators and I can enjoy a mysterious blossom. I am attuned to the seasons through bloom times and nectar flows. My affinity for the unmown is reinforced; as the bees collect pollen from the early dandelion and sip nectar from the prolific clover. As a beekeeper and cultivator I try not to place privilege on the species that provide for us, and instead gladly host any and all who find themselves wanting to share the refuge and abundance of the garden.”