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John Tebbs is a London based gardener and founder of The Garden Edit. He recently completed a window installation for fashion retailer COS as part of Chelsea in Bloom, a storefront window competition held on the Kings Road, London.

“It was on a visit to the largest cactus nursery in the UK that I got the idea to use cacti for a window display for COS. Set amongst a landscape of arable farming fields it was something of a surprise to walk inside this huge glasshouse and be transported to another part of the world! The immaculate rows of cacti, all propagated on site, had a hypnotic rhythm and pattern to them. And with lots of them flowering in hot oranges and pinks it felt psychedelic. I’m generally not a fan of brightly flowering plants, but there was something about these cacti that really caught my attention.“

Text The Garden Edit
Photography Coline Brun-Naujalis