• Liz

    Garden Series

  • Liz Davis is an artist based in East London. Her art practice examines the fragility of nature and wildlife. Her garden is the culmination of 18 years work.

    “When I got here the garden was full of concrete and I missed the sound of bird song in the morning. I had to have more green around to encourage the birds so I started to add a few pots and plants and soon other people just joined in. One time I wanted a forest – I planted a silver birch and it’s become huge like the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

    The garden is quite disorganised and wild but that’s how I like it! It’s full of things I’ve found or plants people have given me. Nothing is really chosen or planned – I just put it in. When I look at the plants I know where they come from. The daisies come from my mum, buttercups from a meadow…and some are rescue trees from the garden centre. The Reduced to Clear ones that nobody wanted.

    Because our maisonettes are very small it’s important that you can sit outside when the weather is ok. The garden is very communal. People walk past to say hello and stop and have a cup of tea. That’s how this estate works. I have never lived anywhere like it before - you get to know so many people so effortlessly. It’s all because of the garden. To me, the garden means everything. It is just so relaxing. I love lying here – looking out at the roses, the insects… you can think you’re in the countryside. The garden is now full of birds."