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The Huntington Gardens
by Brian W. Ferry

Brian W. Ferry is a New York based freelance photographer who shoots portraits, interiors, travel, art, design and lifestyle stories for various personal, editorial and commercial projects. He frequently posts new work on and

“I shot these images at The Huntington Botanical Gardens in Pasadena, California. As a photographer, I am drawn to plants mainly for their aesthetic qualities. I gravitate towards interesting and weird plants and I always notice color, shape and form. I often feel like I'm taking a portrait of a person when I photograph a plant because I see personalities. When I visited the Huntington Estate last year for an art exhibition, I spent the afternoon exploring the Botanical Gardens. By the time I left, I had run out of film and I felt like I had visited another planet. The light was good and the diversity was incredible, spread out over a desert garden with cacti and succulents, a greenhouse with tropical plants, fruit trees, a bamboo forest, and more. I was drawn, again, to the weird bits - the solitary branch, the cacti that looked like I was on the moon.”

Text Brian W. Ferry/The Garden Edit
Photography Brian W. Ferry