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by Paul Debois

Paul Debois has worked as a professional photographer for over 20 years. With an eye for the unusual, he concentrates on floral and landscape subjects. His work has appeared on a variety of platforms and in various titles.

"In 2009 I took a photograph of a derelict building site in Spain. The ground was covered in a mixture of wild spring flowers, which flourish there from Easter until early June, when the ground starts to scorch. This urban meadow, bordered by rusty wire fencing and discarded plastic piping, was the product of the housing and property crash in Spain. I was fascinated by the way the flowers completely ignored the need for neat lines, edging, containers or any classic garden design feature intent on restraining them in a ‘perfect’ display. They appeared where it suited. So began a personal project, recording found flora."

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Photography Paul Debois