Inspired By

Lady Canning's Plantation
by India Hobson

India Hobson photographs people and their things; portraits, editorial fashion, documentary narratives and still life. Her work has been featured in Kinfolk, Oh Comely and Sunday Telegraph magazines as well as used in advertising, album artwork and her book Revealing Craft. Her work can be found at

“This is my go-to place when my head gets full-to-bursting. It's a ten minute drive from home and sits on the edge of the moors, linking the purple heather to the farming fields of Ringinglow. Scots Pine and Silver Birch stand in lines, guarding the bridleway and paths flowing through. As it's next to a main road traffic runs just the other side of the trees but if you're clever you can pretend it's the sound of the sea and lose yourself completely.”

Text India Hobson/The Garden Edit
Photography India Hobson