Inspired By

Princess of Wales Conservatory
by India Hobson

India Hobson photographs people and their things; portraits, editorial fashion, documentary narratives and still life. Her work has been featured in Kinfolk, Oh Comely and Sunday Telegraph magazines as well as used in advertising, album artwork and her book Revealing Craft. Her work can be found at

“I think the clean, sharp and very definite lines of the Princess of Wales Conservatory are the unsung hero of Kew Gardens. So much attention is given to the (still beautiful) Temperate and Palm Houses whilst my heart belongs over here. Angles help much more with my framing than the curves of the aforementioned glasshouses and seem to provide their own views beyond – on this Spring day those views happened to be mainly blue sky. Sunlight, foliage and glass make an ideal combination for me, casting shadows and highlighting areas that you might not have otherwise seen.”

Text India Hobson/The Garden Edit
Photography India Hobson. Images shared with thanks to Kew Gardens