• India

    Garden Series

  • India Hobson photographs people and their things; portraits, editorial fashion, documentary narratives and still life. Her work has been featured in Kinfolk, Oh Comely and Sunday Telegraph magazines as well as used in advertising, album artwork and her book Revealing Craft. Her work can be found at www.indiahobson.co.uk

    “I live in a one-bed apartment overlooking a cutlery factory in Sheffield. I can see the hills of the Peak District from my balcony but that’s as close to green as I get because I’m a few floors up. My resolution is to fill my modest little home with as much as I can – I should think I’ve probably reached the limit for indoors now, so I’ve moved onto the outside seen as the weather is being a little kinder of late.

    Most of my plants are from family, local florists and nurseries that I visit – some are rogue plants that I’ve taken cuttings of and managed to grow into bigger versions and there's one or two from people I’ve met on Instagram.

    They’ve taught me a lot, surprise me endlessly (particularly the Tradescantia and the Oxalis) and although I don’t have favourites I do quite like the ones that would be more suited to a sand dune instead of my balcony.”