Inspired By

The Barbican Conservatory
by India Hobson

India Hobson photographs people and their things; portraits, editorial fashion, documentary narratives and still life. Her work has been featured in Kinfolk, Oh Comely and Sunday Telegraph magazines as well as used in advertising, album artwork and her book Revealing Craft. Her work can be found at

“I tend to steer myself in the direction of indoor gardens; they're my thing. Concrete is also my thing. I'm surrounded by Brutalist architecture in Sheffield and I find comfort in seeing it elsewhere; the way it works with light excites me and there are so many textures within it. The Barbican Conservatory is a place where two beautiful things come together, intertwine and support one another and transport you to a lost, overgrown world. The foliage cascades and drapes itself along the grey-green structures and stairs lead you through the canopy to cacti-pined corridors. Pot-plants block doorways and the glass surrounds seem to create fantastic framing. Nothing silences me like this place.”

Text India Hobson/The Garden Edit
Photography India Hobson. Images shared with thanks to The Barbican Centre