• François
    Le Bled

    Garden Series

  • François “Frasse” Le Bled is a Parisian book publisher living in Malmö, Sweden. He is the co-founder of The New Heroes & Pioneers - a boutique publishing house for alternative cultural content. Lillehem is his (and co-owner Richard’s) idyllic summerhouse and garden located in Österlen.

    “Lillehem is home for me. It's the place where I can always find peace, relax and just live. It's located in Österlen, Sweden, a couple of kilometers from the shore, in a dense forest away from any major roads. So the garden is quite tranquil - the only noise comes from wildlife and the adjoining stream.

    We have created several places to relax in the garden. We’ve got a hammock that crosses the stream, a wooden deck where you can dip your toes into the slightly chilly water and the "Moustiquaire" - a small patio literally inside a bush that’s protected by a mosquito net so you can sit there when it gets too hot in the garden.

    When we first got the place, the vegetable garden was still forest. Impossible to walk through but with the help of some friends we cleared the area - opening up the space so we could plant vegetables, more flowers and plants. My favorite flower, peonies, can be seen everywhere, along with quite a few rose bushes. There are also more than 500 tulip bulbs planted around the garden, all brought to Sweden in our suitcases from the Netherlands!”