Inspired By

Botanic Garden Edinburgh
by Elizabeth Corkery

Elizabeth Corkery is a printmaker and installation artist living and working in Boston, MA. She holds an MFA from Cornell University, New York and a BFA (Hons) in Printmaking from the College of Fine Arts, Sydney. In her recent work, she has been investigating the potential convergence of spatial and representational experience.

“I visited Edinburgh over the summer of this year while collecting imagery for an exhibition I have at The Telfer in Glasgow this November. The show is inspired by glasshouses and their role in Victorian life in terms of modularity, collection, control and display. My interest in these specific environments is largely to do with their ability to collapse time and space through their transcendence of seasonality and capacity for creating an artificial proximity between plants that would otherwise exist in far flung corners of the world. These are also fascinating structures in terms of their connection to exhibition, theatrical display and role as precursors to contemporary environments such as shopping malls and even museums, both perhaps the most highly trafficked tourist destinations of our current time.”

Text Elizabeth Corkery/The Garden Edit
Photography Elizabeth Corkery