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    Park Fyrisån

    Garden Series

  • During the summer of 2014, a floating garden was created in the centre of the Swedish city of Uppsala. Located where people pass by daily, the temporary garden uses edible, usable, rare and wild plants in order to showcase what locals can grow in their neighbourhood.

    Visitors have been able to embark the garden to get advice on how to cultivate their own plot as well as take home some freshly harvested produce. The garden has also acted as a venue for discussions concerning urban farming. Seminars have focused on climate change, organic cooking, permaculture and vegetable dyes.The project has used everyday materials and easy-to-understand construction in order to demystify the challenges in creating one’s own cultivation.

    Pocket Park Fyrisån was jointly commissioned by the municipality of Uppsala and Pop Upp. The garden was conceived in collaboration with Coloni and Calle Enström; and designed by interior architect Kristoffer Sundin and landscape architect Ellen Sundin. Information about the project can be found at pocketparkfyrisan.org.