• India

    Garden Series

  • India Hurst is a florist and grower based in Worcestershire, England. She has recently launched Vervain – a floral design business that makes use of her family’s growing nursery. Her work can be found at vervainflowers.co.uk.

    “These tumbling old glasshouses and splitting poly tunnels have been home to my parent’s award winning plants for nearly 40 years. Every glasshouse is an Alton greenhouse, a company that my great-grand father started in 1921, making me the fourth generation horticulturalist in my family. I always swore I would never follow my parents’ career after spending my childhood at plant fairs and flower shows moaning about long days surrounded by plants and compost. However, I have turned full circle and now this small chaotic nursery is about to be given a new lease of life, being transformed to grow British flowers for my new floral design business Vervain. I was bound to turn to horticulture in some form eventually; it was only a matter of time.”