• Prinzessinnen

    Garden Series

  • Prinzessinnengarten is a social-urban-agricultural venture based in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Created on a plot of land that was home to abandoned factories, power plants and derelict blocks, the garden was opened in 2009 to demonstrate the feasibility of converting unused urban lots into small green pastures of fruits, fauna and veggies.

    “The project functions as a platform for people of the city and the surrounding neighbourhood. Whilst vegetable growing is the core activity, the place has many other uses. These include a garden restaurant and café, exhibition space for art projects, two open workshop spaces, the Material Mafia - who collect and recycle valuable waste, a bee project, a perennial nursery, musical performances and lots of informal and formal learning opportunities in the form of seminars or workshops. The place also functions as a social enterprise which currently employs 12 people – all part of Prinzessinnengarten’s exploration of new ways of working and living.”