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The Secret Life of Plants
by Fred Lahache

Fred Lahache is a self-taught photographer based in Paris. After his first solo exhibition at Galerie Madé in 2013, Fred was featured in Pik magazine, Synonym Journal and various blogs. He now contributes to Freunde von Freunden and Brownbook Magazine. His work can be found at

“In 1979, Stevie Wonder created the original soundtrack for the Walon Green documentary The Secret Life of Plants, after the eponymous book by Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird (1975). Those works told the stories of the scientists who experimented around the idea that plants are living, breathing, communicating creatures, endowed with personality and the attributes of soul. Evidence (the Backster effect) supports the fact that plants have a memory, intentions, and a sense of experience. Despite their lack of nervous system and brain, plants are sentient, they feel joy and pain, and can communicate it. Here is a collection of vegetal portraits, from specimens that gave me an impression of singular personalities.”

Text Fred Lahache /The Garden Edit
Photography Fred Lahache