• St
    Michael’s Convent

    Garden Series

  • St Michael’s Convent is home to the Community of the Sisters of the Church. Located in West London it houses 3.83 acres of mature gardens including an original 18th century walled garden, vine house, orchard and formal garden area laid to lawn with a scattering of small trees.

    “I first came across the convent about 5 years ago. I was looking at several spaces in the area as part of an open gardens’ weekend. I remember it as a garden full of surprises and hidden corners. But perhaps most noticeably it was its sense of peace and timelessness that struck me. To find a private walled garden of this size still in use in London is a rare thing. Most examples that remain are either manicured showpieces - attached to grand houses and opened to the public by organisations such as the National Trust; or in private hands, very unlikely to be seen.

    This is a working garden. Not only does it produce vegetables and fruit, it also provides a space for meditation and reflection. There are large areas of semi wild nature scattered with places to sit and private corners in which to contemplate. It feels like a garden that has powers to sustain both body and soul. I recently got in touch with Sister Catherine at the convent to see if we could photograph the garden. I knew the ethereal qualities of this place would inspire photographer Jessica Maccormick.”