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The Conservatories
by Harriet Were

Harriet Were is a freelance photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand. Working alongside her identical twin Carter, they also run Were Bros a company that is inspired by and interested in celebrating various aspects of their homeland. Projects include developing a range of hand-knitted clothes and running an organic bakery. Harriet's photographic work can be found at

“I remember visiting Cunningham House when I was little. It’s a beautiful conservatory built in the early 1920s and set within New Zealand's Christchurch Botanic Gardens. I wanted to revisit it to see if it was still open after the earthquake. I went with my good friend Harriett, and I'm glad I had someone to share my excitement with. We found petals on the floor bigger than our faces; and I worked out what flowers I’m going to get married with. I almost cried - I don't think I've ever been this emotional about plants. Although we were surrounded by foliage, the place was empty. Just us and an old lady.”

Text Harriet Were/The Garden Edit
Photography Harriet Were.