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Big Sur
by Pierre Hourquet

Pierre Hourquet is a designer who lives and works in Paris. Since 2011 he has run the Hobbyist – a photographic blog and fanzine exploring hobbies and pastimes such as gardening, hiking, surfing and collecting. He is also a co-founder of Temple, a gallery located in le Marais which is dedicated to presenting a new generation of photographers. His work can be found at or

“A few years ago, during a car ride along California Coast I stopped at Big Sur for a night. The next morning I was hanging out at Pfeiffer Beach, sitting in its famous pink and purple sand, washing down from the rocks above. I was surprised by the wild vegetation there, especially the iceplants, laurel and french broom, growing out of the sand and rocks. At first they looked like they decorated the cliffs, but I realised these tiny "bouquets" were spreading all over. These delicate yet invasive soft plants covered the scenery and appeared to be as solid as the redwoods of the forest behind.”

Text Pierre Hourquet/The Garden Edit
Photography Pierre Hourquet