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New Zealand Modernism and the Garden: Part Two
by Mary Gaudin

Mary Gaudin is a New Zealand photographer based in Montpellier in south western France. Alongside Matthew Arnold, she recently published a book featuring New Zealand mid-century houses entitled Down the Long Driveway, You’ll See It. Her photographic work can be found at and her book can be ordered at

New Zealand Modernism and the Garden is a two part series looking at the garden and landscapes of a number of homes built between 1948 - 1975.

“As well as photographing the interiors of these modernist houses I also wanted to capture the way they fitted into their surroundings. I photographed the houses in April and the autumn colours of the deciduous trees surrounding the Fletcher and Munro houses were a brilliant contrast to the strong architecture of these homes. The Orr-Walker house in Auckland’s Titirangi is set amongst regenerating Kauri. These magnificent trees take centuries to reach maturity. And the Wood house is built on over a stream on a steep section in a Wellington suburb. The house sits amongst native bush, almost hidden from view. All the houses have a strong connection with the outside. It’s a very kiwi quality.”

New Zealand Modernism and the Garden: Part Two includes:
The Alington house, Wellington 1959. Architect William Alington
The Sutton house, Christchurch 1961. Architect Tom Taylor
The Orr-Walker house, Auckland 1964. Architect Mark-Brown & Fairhead
The Fletcher house, Christchurch 1964. Architect Hall & MacKenzie
The Munro house, Christchurch 1968. Architect Warren & Mahoney
The Martin house, Bridge Paa 1971. Architect John Scott
The Wood house, Wellington 1975. Architect Ted Wood
Text The Garden Edit/Mary Gaudin
Photography Mary Gaudin