Inspired By

by Oliver Herlitschek

Oliver Herlitschek is a creator from Copenhagen, now based in Toronto. He works for Danish and Canadian clients and shoots film in his spare time.

“I heard rumours of a rooftop farm in downtown Copenhagen, so naturally, I set out to find it. What I found was a luscious vegetable farm, accessible by a narrow winding staircase between a gym and an abandoned lot. Green-thumbed volunteers skipped from row to row, picking kale, beets and oddly shaped tomatoes. It was Wednesday, harvest day, so the families of the secret members' club were moseying around to pick up homemade honey and organic produce for the week in wooden crates. I went down the overgrown paths, snapped a few photos, then nervously climbed down from this tiny piece of blissful countryside on top of the city.”