Inspired By

Jardins de Marigny
by Fred Lahache

Fred Lahache is a self-taught photographer based in Paris. After his first solo exhibition at Galerie Madé in 2013, Fred was featured in Pik magazine, Synonym Journal and various blogs. He now contributes to Freunde von Freunden and Brownbook Magazine. His work can be found at

“Near Sauvigny-les-Bois, where the Loire river meets Burgundy, are the Jardins de Marigny. A small castle offers the public 33 acres of fresh produce that you can pick from and enjoy. It’s not only the overwhelming variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits, the flowers, and even the local products that make this place unique, it’s also a fantastic way to consume and spend a bit of the weekend. It’s the joy of wandering the heart of this beautiful region, a place where healthy food is not a trend but part of its history. To plunge your hands in the dirt, and pick up your cabbage, lettuce, onions, leeks, pumpkins, spinach, beetroots, aubergines, strawberries, apples, blackberries, pears... is so fantastic and then being asked to pay very little is an added treat! Going there with Lucie is ideal because you can enjoy a lesson too. Lucie runs Petit Comité in Paris with her mother. They create food sensations with passion, from the intimate receptions in their lovely restaurant to the bigger events outside. And finding new producers who share the same philosophy is a permanent part of their passion. Les Jardins de Marigny was definitely a good choice.”