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MFO Park Zurich
by Jo Metson Scott

Jo Metson Scott is a photographer based in London. Her work for clients such as The New York Times, Le Monde, The Telegraph, Holiday Magazine and Twin Magazine takes her all over the world. On a recent trip to Zurich Jo photographed MFO Park as part of a summer series for M Le magazine du Monde. Her work can be found at

“Echoing the structure of the former industrial buildings that preceded it, the park takes a vertical approach with a metal framework rising to the same height as the 6 storey buildings that surround it. Inside the structure stairs lead to walkways around the exterior on three levels, each one with seating areas and surprise cantilevered balconies that extend out over the open central area of the space beneath. At the top the roof is open and a platform provides an area to sit, rest and enjoy the views of Zurich. At ground level the open paved space is surrounded on three sides and when the climbing plants are in full leaf it transforms into a green living room, with benches and loungers spread throughout, sitting inside you are completely transported from the city beyond, providing the spot for the perfect summer afternoon escape!”

Text and photography Jo Metson Scott